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제주 사람들의 결혼 문화
Date : 2011-01-17   Hit : 1226  
    제주는 결혼 문화도 특이합니다. 제주사람의 결혼문화도 육지와 매우 다릅니다. 시집 장가를 갈 때는 3일간 잔치를 합니다. 하루는 돼지를 잡는 ...
GwyeonDang (Relatives)
Date : 2011-01-17   Hit : 1148  
Family name of many people in the population of Jeju is Goh, Yang, and Bu, and also there are many Ohs and Hyeons. Thanks to such a small community...
Four ceremonial occasions in Jeju
Date : 2011-01-17   Hit : 664  
With quite well-developed GwyeonDang culture, Jeju has very unique ceremonial occasions. Marrying to someone in Jeju may mean a concept that a man b...
Pride of Jeju
Date : 2011-01-17   Hit : 1294  
The entire island of Jeju is a treasure. There is no place which is not beautiful.The population of Jeju-do is about 500,000.Without specific resourc...
What is Jeju?
Date : 2011-01-17   Hit : 1206  
Jeju-do is an island. Jeju-do is the biggest island in Korea.It has been called as Samda-do (means that it has a lot of 3 kinds of things) as it has ...
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