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GwyeonDang (Relatives)
관리자   2011-01-17 1130

Family name of many people in the population of Jeju is Goh, Yang, and Bu, and also there are many Ohs and Hyeons.

Thanks to such a small community, most people are related to each other, and when a car accident occurs on the street, it is likely that there are my acquaintances such as neighbors, high school classmates or someone’s son. So, when we visit the government offices for civil complaint, we usually talk to each other just like a member of the family or close friends as we all know each other. There is no stiff language or manners like in the land. Therefore, it is said that when a Jeju person opens a restaurant, he/she can make a living for at least 6 months with only his/her own GwyeonDang (relatives) as a customer

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