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Slow glass theme park where visitors can enjoy walking, relaxing,
and having a friendly talk.
There are small forests, valleys, and comfortable rest areas in places.
Space for meditation and cure, Jeju Glass Museum.
Make a vase for one flower.
Let’s make glass works of art with a glass work assist
Make my own plate.
Let’s make your own glass plate.
Blow up a glass balloon.
Special lecture on glass the participants - about 20 minutes
* Contents
 - what is glass?
 - Types of glass
 - What is the source of glass?
 - Brief history of glass
Making a glass vase or a plate
Blow up a glass balloon.
You can enjoy coffee, beverage, and a light meal sitting down at a nice glass table with calm forest, valley, and beautiful glass sculptures.
Provides indoor/outdoor wedding hall for free
Reserve the place for all kinds of meeting or dinner buffet.
You can appreciate amazing and interesting glassworks including
100 kinds of glass insects such as glass spiders, scorpions,
and long-horn beetles as well as a glass net and a glass meal.