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Four ceremonial occasions in Jeju
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With quite well-developed GwyeonDang culture, Jeju has very unique ceremonial occasions.

Marrying to someone in Jeju may mean a concept that a man buys a woman. So, the man’s family gives the woman money for buying home furnishings in advance, and the woman marries to the man by preparing home furnishings with the money. And the wedding ceremony lasts for 3 days; the first day is to kill a pig; the second day is to hold a village party; and the third day is to hold a wedding ceremony. For example, when you ask your acquaintance where he/she is going in the evening, he/she would answer that they would go to his/her friend’s house for ancestral rites. Like this, Jeju people usually take part in ancestral rites of the friend’s house, making a bow and having dinner. This is GwyeonDang culture of Jeju.
People make a discussion on the policy of Jeju which aims to lead the global era today on a TV talk show or radio saying that it should develop the province and attract qualified human resources by attracting more funding from the land.
So, people on land like us started to run a business by trusting such policy of Jeju, investing to Jeju and moving to the island.
But, we have come to meet with that GwyeonDang culture of Jeju.

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