Hom : What is Glass? : Techniques of glass art
This technique is to make a simple mould, lay plate glass on it, and make a shape by applying heat.
This technique is to make a shape by making mould and pouring glass in it. This technique includes sand casting, Kiln casting, and Kiln pouring.
This technique is to grind glass, mix it with coloring, and prepared mould and applying heat. This method is quite similar to casting.
This technique is to make a large lump by laminating several pieces of plate glass, or to make a work of art by grinding, cutting, and carving already-prepared glass.
This technique is to cut the surface of glass lightly or to carve the surface of glass deeply by applying pressure of a compressor to sand.
This is the best-known technique among all techniques of glass art, and it is to make glass containers or works of art by blowing glass.
This technique is to make various shapes such as small beads, animals or flowers by melting glass rods or pieces of glass with a torch lamp.