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A book on glass art was published for the first time in Korea. It is thought that it would serve as a momentum which marks a new era in Korea, a wasteland for glass art. You may recognize that there is not even one book about glass art though a number of books have published in Korea until now, quite unbelievable.

The author, Zung Moon Guhn, graduated from the Royal College of Art in London after graduating from College of Art in Hong-Ik University in Seoul. Then, being fascinated by glass sculpture, he devoted full time to studying glass art in Europe for 15 years, and especially, made an exchange with glass artists from many countries of Europe, looked around the glass museums and glass factories in order to solve difficult problems of glass, and created his own works of art while experimenting and researching glass in his atelier in London. After he came to Korea, he established a glass atelier in the suburbs of Seoul which is larger and has better facilities than any other glass schools in Europe, being absorbed in creating sculptures using glass as a medium in earnest. His wife, SongHee, is working actively as a glass artist.

Their career as an artist will give a stimulus to those who get interest in glass or aim to learn glass art, and also contribute to glass art history in Korea.

- What is glass
- History of glass
   (From ancient Mesopotamia era to modern history
   of window glass).
- Source of glass
- Types of glass
- Blowing works and kiln works.
- Viscosity relationship between heat and glass
- Alligation of fireproof mould
- Slow cooling of glass
- Glass processing work.
- Glass art and educational value
- Others (place where to learn about glass, museums, galleries,
   books about glass art, periodical publication, material shops)

This book is composed of 277 colored pages.
New Glass is the only glass magazine issued quarterly in Europe which is the center of glass history, and this magazine contains many news including trends of glass artists working internationally, the flow of modern glass art, glass museums, glass gallery and exhibitions, and glass materials and tools.